8 Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss in Positano Italy

Heading to the Amalfi Coast and looking for the best things to do in Positano or wondering what to do in Amalfi Coast? In the off chance that you are not tired of hearing about my undying love for Positano Italy, I’m back for the latest edition of 8 Things! Because I find those “100 things to do in XYZ” posts to be terribly unhelpful, I started this series as a way to help y’all narrow down your likely long list of things to do in some of my favorite places.  Because you want a helpful Positano travel guide not just a list of everything you could do there, right?! Right.

So, of all the things there are to do in the world’s most beautiful town, Positano Italia, here are 8 things you cannot miss:





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Where to stay in Positano

I very highly recommend staying at Hotel Poseidon or Dimora del Podesta. Click here to see the latest prices for Hotel Poseidon and here to see the latest prices for Dimora del Podesta.

Want more information about why I love those hotels + additional accommodation recommendations? Click here for where to stay on the Amalfi Coast - the best villas, hotels, and Airbnbs!


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Other Amalfi Coast Information

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The Best Things to do in Positano:

Scooter Ride Around the Coast

I very highly recommend staying in Positano while visiting the Amalfi Coast, but also recommend you spend some time exploring the other towns during your trip!  Because one of the best things to do in Amalfi Coast is to actually see the Amalfi Coast. The absolute best way to do so is via scooter, of course.  It is one of the most magical Positano activities.  There is nothing like zipping around the world’s most beautiful coastline without windows, a car frame, or anything else blocking your view.

Most importantly, if you are interested in pictures of Positano Italy and the surrounding towns this is the only way to go.  The roads are very narrow and you cannot just pull over to take a bunch of photos.  If you did that, you’d block the entire road.  Since scooters are much smaller you can pull over anywhere you want, as often as you want, for as long as you want!  You can even squeeze around cars to avoid traffic if you are comfortable enough. 

Click here to see the latest prices and reserve your spot!

If a scooter ride is not for you, you can also do this via vintage Fiat. Click here to see the latest prices.

Speaking of photos, do you have a chic camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag? Click here for the most stylish camera bags for women.

The day I spent riding around the Amalfi Coast was truly one of the best days of my life and one I will remember forever.  It is my highest recommendation in towns of Amalfi Coast things to do. Here is my photo recap of that day to hopefully inspire you to do this, and here is a guide to all of the Amalfi Coast towns I recommend you visit


Stay at (or at least visit) Hotel Poseidon

When I ask myself what to do in Positano today, I often find myself here. Hotel Poseidon is a stunning, family-run, 4-star hotel in the heart of town and one of the best places to stay in Positano.  It’s not just one of the best Positano hotels but it also happens to be one of my very favorite places :) If you are looking for the perfect Positano hotel to stay at, this is it.  It’s very popular and tends to book up quickly, so make sure to reserve it as early as possible if you are interested.

If you aren’t able to stay here, I still recommend visiting it, as it is one of my personal favorite things to do in Positano Italy!  The view from the hotel’s terrace is one of the most amazing views in Positano.  On the terrace is their wonderful Positano restaurant, Il Tridente, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner using only local ingredients.  It’s also the most perfect place to grab a cocktail and watch the sunset.

In addition to Il Tridente, the terrace is also home to Hotel Poseidon’s pool.  If you’re looking for Positano hotels with pool, need to escape the crowds or need a beach alternative, this is your spot!  Access is free for hotel guests but as a non-guest you can pay a fee to access.  I did this not once but twice while in town and it was worth every penny! When it comes to Positano Italy hotels - you really cannot beat Hotel Poseidon.

Click here to see the latest prices.

If you are looking for a more inexpensive place to stay, check out Dimora del Podesta. I stayed there during my first visit to Positano and it is pure magic - I cannot recommend it enough. It too is ran by the sweetest local family and every single person I’ve sent (and there have been MANY) has loved it just as much as I do. Click here to see the latest prices.

Want additional accommodation recommendations and more of the best hotels in Positano? Click here for where to stay on the Amalfi Coast - the best villas, hotels, and Airbnbs!


Dance the night away at Music on the Rocks

Of all the Positano Italy things to do, this is the best nightlife option. This is especially for you if you are looking for unique things to do in the Amalfi Coast!

Any of you that know me in real life will likely be a bit surprised by this one since I almost always prefer a night in and rarely will you ever find me at a club. Unless in Positano, that is! Music on the Rocks is a club in a cave and it is so. much. fun.! If you’re wondering what to do in Positano at night, this is basically your only option (aside from relaxed bars) :)

I don’t know what it is exactly that makes me love this place despite not being a club person, but you’ll catch me here until it closes down at 4am most nights I am in town. It is one of the best Positano things to do. Don’t miss it if you’re looking to have a wild Positano holidays and make sure not to show up before 1am or you’ll be the only one there, literally!

Above photos via their Facebook page.


Spend a day at Spiaggia del Fornillo

Many people don’t know this, but the main Positano beach is not the only beach.  The beach you see in everyone’s photos and the one you arrive at if you come by ferry, Marina Grande, can become a bit of a tourist nightmare depending on time of year.  

A short walk away is a much lesser known beach, Fornillo Beach, a Positano Italy beach where locals and wanna-be locals like myself hang out instead.  It’s a bit smaller but still easy to get a spot at even in July during peak tourist season.  The beach is lined with many restaurants and beach bars like Pupetto so you can grab a meal or drink between lounge sessions.  I always spend at least one full day here while visiting if the Positano temperature is warm enough! Definitely one of the top things to do in Positano and one of the best beaches in Positano.

Positano Italy Map

Spend time in the less touristy area, Fornillo

Since I always visit during summer, I cannot tell you how many people say to me “isn’t it filled with tourists?!” every time I go. They’re even more surprised when I answer “no”. I somehow find myself in Positano during the month of July which is the most touristy time of year for most places. Cinque Terre in July? Unbearable. Amalfi in July? No thanks. But Positano? It’s fine. Why? Probably because I don’t stick around the center of town.

If you look at a Positano map, you’ll see the main beach on the bottom right.  Everything north of there gets a bit touristy, but if you go over to the left (see above map) everything is much less crowded.  It’s also where many of the best Positano Italy restaurants are, Saraceno d’Oro (get the pizza), Il Fornillo, and Da Vincenzo Positano, and some of my favorite Positano shopping. It tends to be easier to get into spots over there, plus I find it to be much more enjoyable in general, so don’t miss it.  

You’d be doing yourself a huge disservice to visit and not get out of the tourist hotspot! I’d do this no matter the time of year, but if you are looking for things to do in Positano in July to escape the crowds, this is definitely for you!

This area is also home to Dimora del Podesta, one of the best hotels in Positano Italy. Click here for more information.

Also note that Positano is very hilly, so good shoes are a must. I literally never travel anywhere without M. Gemi’s white Italian leather sneakers. Click here to see latest prices and use code “CHRISTIE40” for $40 off! More details: The Most Comfortable And Stylish Walking Shoes for Travel

Side note: I also always stay in this area preferably at Dimora del Podesta if they have availability. Click here to see the latest prices.


Find Fiordo di Furore

Remember this Instagram photo? It was one of my most popular of 2017 and was reposted more times than I can count.  Well that, my friends, is Fiordo di Furore.  It’s located in the small town of Furore just past Positano and is one of the top Positano attractions.  I only stayed long enough to hop off the scooter, park it, walk down, take a pic, and walk back up, but next time I’m in town you’ll find me spending an entire day (or two) at this beach!  And not just for the Instagram photo, I swear ;)  


Take a boat ride to La Fontelina, Capri

You absolutely cannot visit the Amalfi Coast without seeing it from the water at least once.  Most would also argue that you can’t visit without stopping by Capri, so let’s kill two birds with one stone for this item.  La Fontelina is a jaw-dropping, iconic beach club located on the island of Capri.  If you’re a fan of Gray Malin, you will recognize this spot from his La Dolce Vita series.  While I happen to have the unpopular opinion that the island in general is nothing to write home about (at least not in July), La Fontelina is a different story.  It’s an absolute dream.

Click here to see the latest prices and reserve your spot.


Buy local, handmade, custom sandals

The Amalfi Coast is known for it's handmade sandals.  Positano is filled with dozens of stores that will make you sandals by hand while you wait, fit perfectly to your foot!  You simply pick the style, the color, the size, and within around 15 minutes you have your own pair of fully custom sandals.  I had mine made during a power outage (very impressive!) and still love them almost 3 years later.