20 Must Have Travel Products from Amazon

Heading out on a trip and not sure if you have all of the right items? Here are the best Amazon Prime travel products — everything you need to bring on your next holiday!

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20 Must Have Travel Products From Amazon Prime:


Travel Passport Wallet

One of the most popular travel products on Amazon, and for good reason! It’ll keep everything you’ve got in one convenient location. It comes in 35 absolutely beautiful colors, making the hardest part of this purchase deciding which one to choose!

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Leak Proof Travel Bottles

These are an absolute must. I cannot even tell you how many travel containers I went through before I discovered these. They are completely leakproof, so easy to fill due to the large opening, and they are even food safe! Use them for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, salad dressing — anything!

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Hanging Toiletry Bag

If there’s one thing I recommend most on this list, it’s probably this. I own this and keep it filled at all times with every toiletry I need for any trip. Any time I am on a trip and I realize I forgot something, I make sure to add it to the bag so that overtime it’s gotten better and better and now I rarely ever am without something I need. It’s so easy to just grab and throw in my bag without any thought or worries of forgetting something important.

And pretty much anytime I travel to visit a friend and they see this toiletry bag they ask who makes it and go buy the same one themselves immediately! So if you are in the market for a good travel toiletry bag, definitely check out that one :) It is the only one I have found that I really love - and it's extremely cheap!

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Reusable Water Bottle

Let me rant for a sec: Plastic water bottles are horrible for the environment but that’s just one of many reasons why I suggest carrying a reusable water bottle. Buying a new bottle of water each time you need to hydrate is expensive. Either you are going to waste money or - worse - you are not going to want to spend the money so you will instead become dehydrated. Many airports now have a water bottle fill up station so when you bring you own reusable bottle you can fill up for FREE! Many European cities have fountains you can drink from, too, so it’s handy to have a bottle to fill when you stumble upon one.

This Hydro Flask option is the best one out there. It keeps hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and is perfect for bringing anywhere!

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Extra Long Charging Cable

Trust me on this one. You never know where the outlets will be on the plane, the hotel, or wherever you are desperately looking for a charge!

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Wet Brush Hairbrush

Not to be dramatic, but this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. And it’s only $8. You’ll never use another brush again.

And if you are going on a trip that involves swimming, sailing, or anything else involving the ocean/a pool/etc. — you NEED this. Not an option.

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Packing Cubes

I used to think that packing cubes were nonsense and that they’d take up too much space but boy was I wrong. These are a total lifesaver when it comes to keeping organized! Looking for a top? Grab the cube of tops. Looking for a dress? Grab the cube of dresses. They allow you to find what you need without disrupting the rest of your items and are truly such a wonderful (and cheap!) investment. Try it - trust me!

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Exfoliant Towels

I found out about these Korean exfoliant bath mittens years ago via Cupcakes and Cashmere and love them. All you do is put the mitten on your hand and gently scrub away the dead skin cells. They are especially great for travel since they take up no space and are not liquid like a scrub! I keep one in my travel toiletry bag (above) so that I always have one handy.

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Travel Straightener

A travel hair straightener is a good thing to have if you want to be able to do your hair but don’t want to commit to lugging around a full size (and much more pricey) straightener. I like this Babyliss Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron because it comes in a 1” version which is wider than most travel straighteners. Having the wider surface area cuts the amount of time it takes to straighten in half. And of course if you are really skilled a straightener can double as a curling iron so it’s kind of a 2-in-1.

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Silk Eye Mask

Can’t live without it! For the plane, for the hotel when your roommate wants to stay up later with all of the lights on, for when you just can’t sleep and you want something soothing on your eyes. Silk is also anti-aging.

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Travel Pillow

Can’t live without this either. If you’re flying overnight, unless you’re in first class you absolutely need this. I prefer the ones that you can blow up since they take up no space when you aren’t using them.

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External Charger

In today’s day and age everyone is on their phone all day everyday. Unfortunately your phone often can’t keep up, so at some point during the day you will likely find yourself needing a recharge. An external charger is a great thing to keep in your bag at all times!

The one I use is great because it's small yet will still charge my phone almost 7 full times! Click here to see the latest prices.


Luggage Travel Lock

If each piece of your luggage doesn’t have a locking mechanism on it, order a few of these. I’ve stayed at nice hotels where the luggage storage system is not quite as nice so you never know when you’ll need to lock your luggage!

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Passport Case

Because you need to keep your passport safe, obviously!

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Hanging Luggage Scale

If you are the kind of human that tends to pick up a bunch of things along the way, these hanging luggage scares take up almost no space and can be very useful.

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International Adapters/Converters

International trip? Grab these now or you’ll be paying a fortune later. The universal option below works literally anywhere so I always bring one of those, and if I’m heading to Europe I also grab a handful of the EU-specific ones because the large packs of them below are sooo inexpensive. Better safe than sorry, trust me! At the very least add them to your cart right now so you do not forget.

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Electronics Accessories Organizer

Photogs, tech nerds, anyone dealing with a large amount of electronics on the road — this is for you!

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4-port USB Wall Charger

If you have a lot of electronics to charge, this is a must. Especially when you don’t know how many outlets your hotel will or will not have!

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Not exactly a travel item but they’re good for travel because they provide digestion and immune system support. They’re best kept refrigerated but as long as you keep these ones below 71 degrees they should be fine!

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GG Crackers

I always bring a pack or two of GG Crackers with me. They taste like unsweetened bran (some people say cardboard) but can easily be spiced up with toppings (avo, hummus, etc.). They’re low cal, full of fiber, and weight almost nothing, plus they’re filling.

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