The Most Comfortable And Stylish Walking Shoes for Travel - M. Gemi's Palestra Sneaker

Looking for the most comfortable but also stylish shoes to bring on your next vacation? As someone who walks a lot more than the average person, both while on vacation and also while at home in San Francisco, I have tried countless amounts of options. Without a shadow of a doubt there is one shoe that stands out from the pack, and that is M. Gemi’s Palestra sneaker.

Since I talk about these a lot (non-stop) on my Instagram I get a lot of questions about them. So I’ve decided to do a dedicated post here to provide more info and answer the most common questions I get for those also interested!




If you don’t know about M. Gemi, you are very much missing out. My mom has told me my entire life that if there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on, it’s shoes. So when I first heard about M. Gemi years ago I decided to give them a shot. I now own at least a dozen different shoes from them and will rarely veer away from them.

What makes M. Gemi so special is that all of their shoes are handmade (yes, really) in small, family-owned workshops in Italy. They are luxury shoes, comparable IMO with brands whose shoes cost $800+, but accessibly priced because they sell directly to consumers on their site so there’s no big markup.

Their designs are limited edition, released every Monday at 10am ET. Fortunately some of the styles are such a hit (the Palestra included) that they’ve decided to bring them back time and time again… for now, at least. They offer complimentary shipping and returns as well so there’s really no reason not to give them a shot.



Like I mentioned above, I’ve tried just about every white sneaker on the market. Keds, Vans, Converse, you name it. I bring them to Europe and by end of day my foot is throbbing and there’s no chance I can manage wearing them again the following day. But with the Palestra sneaker it’s a whole different story.

The walkability description on M. Gemi’s site is “never take them off” and it really is true. You can wear them all day everyday and your foot will never tire of them. This is the only shoe I’ve had that experience with. They don’t even require breaking in!

The last thing you want while traveling is for your feet to hurt in every shoe you packed. I’ve been there and the end result was a lot of wasted time and money spent shopping for new shoes. With these that will never be an issue, I can almost guarantee it!

They are handmade so they are incredibly durable. Cheap sneakers will have the top part glued to the bottom but not these — they are hand sewn to the bottom rubber sole.

The upper is made of rich, artisan-treated leather — the best of the best. You can easily clean them (I just wipe mine clean with water) and after over a year of nonstop wear mine still basically perfect.

In addition to all of that, they’re the most beautiful sneakers I’ve ever seen, with gold metal eyelets and a handful of different color options. I personally own and love the white but there are also others which differ depending on time of year. Currently they come in white, gray, or navy.

Versatility is hugely important when traveling because the less you can pack the better and these definitely meet the mark there as well. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings — literally anything. Prior to owning these I had never worn sneakers with a dress but something about these makes me love the look.

The Palestra sneaker costs $228 and is worth every penny and more (truly). They also make an excellent gift; I’ve had a few of my male followers buy them for their wives or girlfriends and it has been a hit every time! You can get $50 off your first M. Gemi purchase here.

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