Most Stylish Camera Bag for Women

Finding a stylish camera bag is not an easy task, unless you have discovered GATTA!

Camera bags for women are generally either functional and ugly or pretty but not protective of your camera. I’ve especially found this to be the case when looking for a camera backpack for travel.

But two years ago all my camera bag problems disappeared when I discovered GATTA, a company that makes stylish camera bags! Their mission is to create camera bags that are so chic nobody else will even know it is a camera bag. And that they do.


The Most Stylish Camera Bag for Women:

Most Stylish Camera Backpack — Christie

Like I mentioned above, I especially had trouble when trying to find a camera backpack from women. Specifically a stylish camera backpack. I spent years and years and years searching for one but could not find anything even relatively attractive while also being protective.

Since it literally did not exist so I did what any logical person would do… I begged GATTA to make one. At the time I owned and loved their Lola bag so I felt they were definitely my best bet.

To my surprise and delight, they said yes! And with that, the Christie camera backpack was born. Named after me and all. I have since brought this bag with me all around the world, on literally every trip for over a year. How’s that for field testing?!

I can confidently say it’s the perfect camera backpack for travel. It protects my bag with padded sides and tons of cushioning, has enough space for my camera, an additional lens if needed, and the rest of my daily essentials, and is made of beautiful ultra-soft Nappa leather and suede. I personally use this with my big Canon dSLR so if you are searching for dSLR camera bags for women, this definitely fits the bill! The top of the bag has both a zipper and the flap which you can button on — great protection against things like theft.

One thing that surprised me is the additional strap that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder instead of your back. I figured I wouldn’t use this until I found myself in Europe worried about pickpocketing. I started throwing it on my shoulder on trains or metros and am very thankful for this extra perk! It really is a camera bag backpack.

Click here to see the latest prices and check availability (they sell out often!).


Most Stylish Camera Bag — Camille

If you’re looking for a womens camera bag with a pop of color, Camille Rosewood is for you!

This limited edition camera bag purse is made of soft velvet and leather with antique brass hardware. It’s ultra lightweight and big enough to hold a camera (a mirrorless or dSLR camera bag) with lens attached, an additional lens, and a few accessories. Plus there are a handful of extra details inside like an adjustable divider, removable shoulder strap, a zippered interior pocket, and two extra pockets for other items.

GATTA’s Camille Rosewood is the perfect camera bag for women. It’s next on my own list!

Click here to see the latest prices and check availability.


Best Crossbody Camera Bag — Lola

GATTA’s Lola leather camera bag is the first one I ever owned and fell in love with from them. If you’re searching for womens camera bags that are crossbody, this is highest recommendation! It is one of the best camera bags for women.

Like the two bags above, this also holds a camera, additional lens, and a few small accessories. If you think it looks small, it is actually deceivingly large because of the depth. I still use this a ton as you can see from the photos above, especially when I want to be hands-free. Currently it is available in both noir (black) and miel (camel).

Click here to see the latest prices and check availability.

PS. I personally love the tassel and that I can quickly as easily grab things from the Lola, but if you need something with a more secure closure, the Rae bag is very similar. Click here to see the latest prices.


Best Mirrorless Camera Bag — Chloe

Last but not least on my women camera bags recommendation list, GATTA’s Chloe camera bag! It might even be the most unique women’s camera bag that I have seen.

Like the Lola, it can be worn as a crossbody camera bag, allowing you to go handsfree. It’s the smallest of the bags on my list, making it an excellent mirrorless camera bag.

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