8 Travel Influencer’s Favorite Places of All Time (So Far)

As a travel photographer and writer, one of the most common questions I get asked is “of all the places you have been, which was your favorite?”.  It is a hard question to answer, of course, especially as someone who has been lucky enough to explore as many wonderful spots as I have.  But I too find the question to be interesting, so I reached out to a handful of my favorite travel influencers to get their answers and perhaps inspire some new additions to my bucket list.

Of all the places in the world, here are their favorite places of all time (so far):




"I don't think more of a paradise exists than in French Polynesia. It is by far my favorite place I've ever been. Drop me on a Pacific island with beaches, bungalows, crystal-clear water and tropical coconut drinks and I'm one happy girl.” — Christina of Jetset Christina




“I would have to say Iceland. It's touristy, yes. The Golden Circle is crowded, yes. But, there is something about Iceland's untamed nature that attracts me. The massive hills, the countless waterfalls, and the endless sunset in the summer are simply too beautiful to pass. If you explore beyond the touristy areas - like Reykjavik or the Golden Circle - you will find yourself immersed in a beautiful country that you may never want to leave.” — Diana of In Between Pictures




"I always have a hard time narrowing my answer down to a single place because the world is full of wonderful places but I have to say that Milos Greece holds a special place in my heart. Milos is not ritzy nor is it known for its shopping or copious amounts of things to do but the island is full of traditional charm and a low number of tourists. The people are incredibly hospitable, the food is fantastic, and the beaches abound.” — Grace of Fashion Edible



"After several years of consistent travel, I'd have to say Venice, Italy is still my favorite place of all time. There's just something so unique about a city floating in water, and gondoliers singing their way through the canals. It's not even so much about the facades or the food because I've seen better elsewhere, but it's more about the feeling that I get when I'm there. Venice was my first travel love, and it continues to shine through the visits." — Lily of This Darling World




“My favorite destination so far is actually the place I visited most recently - Turkey! From what I had heard in the media about the country and what has happened there in recent years, I honestly went in a bit nervous, but came out in LOVE. The people were so kind and welcoming to me as an American, the food was delicious (Turkish food is now my favorite) and the sights in Istanbul & Cappadocia were unreal beautiful. Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia should be on everyone's bucket list :)" — Christina of The Bold Brunette




"I have a soft spot in my heart for Ubud, Bali. It was one of the few places that gave me culture shock – simply because of how awesome and unique it is. The day I landed there was a literal dream come true. It had been my goal to travel there for over 2 years, and once I could work remotely, Bali was the first place I booked. The people, the vibe, the monkeys... I have yet to visit another place like it." — Elise of Elisedarma.com



"This is the hardest question in the world to answer. Everywhere we go, we leave a piece of ourselves behind and pick up a new piece to add to our hearts. At this point, our hearts are like a puzzle, made up of all the beautiful places we've been, from Turkey to Lebanon, to Tahiti to Spain. There is one particular place that we think of escaping to every time we are stressed or just overall tired with life, and that's Alaska. Our souls thrive on adventure and novelty and once we are satisfied with adventuring, only then can we relax. Alaska offers the best of all worlds. Enough adventure to satisfy our thirsty souls, majestic landscapes to amaze our eyes, and peaceful moments to quiet our busy minds. For those reasons, we highly recommend to anyone to visit Alaska." — Lena of Happily Ever Adventures



And to close out the list, my own answer!  When people ask me this question I have a standard four part answer I give - Paris, Interlaken, the Croatian Islands, and Positano.  I love them all, but if I really had to narrow it down to just one I would pick Positano without question.  I find it hard to put into words what exactly is so magical about Positano and truly believe it is something you need to see for yourself to really understand.  It is without a doubt the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen with my own eyes, it has that perfect laid-back Italian vibe, it’s on the coast (always a plus for me), everything is drenched in bougainvillea, the food is to die for, and the locals are some of the best people I’ve met in all of my travels.  Since the day I left two summers ago I’ve been dreaming daily of returning!


I’d love to know, what is your favorite place of all time?  Let me know in the comments!