20 Travel Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

One of my favorite ways to get travel inspo is via fellow travelers on Instagram. With over 500 million monthly active users there is definitely no shortage of accounts making me want to quit my job and buy a one way ticket. Here are 20 of my favorite travel Instagram accounts!

Note: I kept my list to accounts with less than 100K followers because I figured you don’t want to see another list of @gypsea_lust, @doyoutravel, @helloemilie, @theblondeabroad, etc. ;) (no offense, I do LOVE those accounts!)

Julia, who was born in Ukraine but currently lives in Germany, has one of my favorite feeds on Instagram.  She seems to always be on some kind of adventure and her excitement really shows in her beautiful images.  She also has the best clothes which as a shopping addict make me enjoy her feed even more!

Lisa is from Montreal and, most importantly, I want to be her BFF in real life. She runs around adventuring with other amazing ladies that I am low key obsessed with (Hi Ver!) and I find myself constantly looking to her images for inspiration.  I'm ready to join your crew whenever you guys are! Jk (but not really) 😜

Rachel's account is one I discovered more recently and I was instantly drawn to her muted orange and turquoise colors. She's been sharing photos from Egypt as well as Rottnest Island, Australia lately and they're all to die for.

Minh Nhat is a New York based wanderluster with shots from across the globe.  Her pictures make it look like she travels full time with a professional photographer and she's always wearing the cutest outfits I've ever seen, constantly making me wonder how she looks so adorable while traveling?!

London-based Mairin shares my love for ivy walls but that is not the only reason I love her feed! She works by day as an accountant and by weekend as a traveler capturing high quality, unique images.

Hannah's account is summarized as "Your one way ticket to The Sunny Side of Things" which I don't think could explain this photo any better.  Have you ever seen someone look so happy and chic eating gelato?

Scott and Collette are a traveling husband wife duo based out of SoCal.  They've been traveling the world together for 6 years, full time since 2015.  They go to beautiful places, capture the most fun photos, and are the ultimate form of #couplesgoals.  Recently they visited Jordan and their images from there were some of my favorites!

I've been following Haley for as long as I can remember (years and years!) and she has always been one of my favorites.  She is not just a traveler but also a photographer so her images are extremely high quality with professional editing.

I met (virtually) Tanya a few months ago and ever since I've been constantly inspired by her fun and colorful feed - two of my favorite things :) She's apparently never met a print she didn't like as she's always in the most beautiful printed ensembles! A girl after my own heart, for sure.

Nastasia is the founder of @dametraveler, another favorite account of mine.  On her first date with her now husband, she shared that she dreamed of traveling the world and he later surprised her with a spontaneous trip to Ireland.  She has since been to over 40 countries.

Elana, now based in Hawai'i, has hands down one of my favorite feeds on Instagram.  She focuses not just on travel but also on photography and lifestyle and has a knack for inspirational posts (the kind that don't make you do an eye roll).  Even her Instagram stories are out of this world - seriously... Go watch them.

Hayley is from Australia but now travels Europe in a camper van with her boyfriend.  Her photography is to die for and I find myself constantly inspired by the photos I find on her feed.

Meet you at the bridge is an account full of travel adventures (my favorite kind of adventures!).  In 2015 they decided to skip the office life and instead create their dream job.  They are currently exploring Tulum, I believe, and as always their photos are inspiring me to not only add it to my bucket list but to scratch it off the list ASAP.

Wendy of @nomadicfare is a photographer and creative director, both of which are very apparent when scrolling through her feed.  She makes something as basic as being photographed in front of an ivy wall look like the most fun thing you've ever seen.

I recently learned from my all time favorite post of mine that Marina speaks 6 (!!) different languages and is a lawyer, although she quit her job 7 months ago.  She now travels the world full time and shares a new shot at least once per day.  Her engagement is through the roof (the above image got over 13K likes alone) and her photos are often reposted so I'd actually be surprised if she wasn't already on your radar :) 

Behind @finduslost is Selena and Jacob, an LA-based, now-engaged couple that as of this year started traveling the world full time.  He takes the gorgeous images while she pens all the copy and the combo of their work is flawless.

You'd probably never know that Marisa is Berlin-based were it not for her Instagram bio.  Her photos for as long as I've been following her have been almost solely of the most unreal looking tropical spots. Nothing against Berlin but I hope they never stop coming! Serious heart-eye emojis.

Chances are you've already seen the image above, if not from Katerina's feed then from someone else's.  It was reposted like crazy and for good reason - it is my absolute favorite Positano image.  The rest of her shots are equally amazing (Flamingo Beach?! omg) so take a peek if she isn't already on your follow list.

Court is @theblondeabroad's BFF and the other half of @girlsmeetglobe.  In 2007, Courtney quit her cubicle 9-5 and bought a one way ticket to Italy.  The rest is, as they say, history!  She now travels full time as a blogger and filmmaker.

Make sure to check out their feeds and follow them if you like what you see!  If you're interested in connecting with me as well, I am here:

I'm always on the lookout for new travel accounts to follow, so if you know any of great accounts that I missed, please let me know in the comments below. What is your favorite travel Instagram account?