8 Paris Apartment Rentals and Airbnbs in Le Marais You Must Stay In

Heading to Paris and looking for a place to stay? Here are some of the best Paris apartment rentals and Airbnbs in the charming neighborhood of Le Marais!

Since one of my most popular blog posts ever is 8 Things You Absolutely Cannot Miss in Paris, I naturally get a lot of questions about where to stay. As you likely know, I highly recommend staying in Le Marais, my favorite Parisian neighborhood, especially at the amazing five star Le Pavillon de la Reine (full review here). But since not everyone can afford to stay there or perhaps you just prefer an Airbnb (I do sometimes, too) I have gathered some alternatives for you.

I have stayed in many Airbnbs in Paris over the years, unfortunately most of which are no longer listed on Airbnb. Because of that, the below list are ones I have vetted on the site and would personally book if I were going but I have not actually stayed in — with the exception of number 8 where I stayed last time!

Things to know about booking Paris apartment rentals and Airbnbs in Paris:

  • Buildings are old and there are almost never elevators. Staircases are often very steep and very narrow. If this is concerning to you, pay close attention to this information on your booking. Ground level in Paris is floor 0 so one flight of stairs up = floor 1, two flights up = floor 2, etc.

  • Housing I would say is similar to NYC or SF — everything is old and small. It’s still great but just be aware of that.

  • There’s almost never AC. If you’re going in July/August, pay attention to that!

Note: all photos below are via Airbnb.



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8 Paris Apartment Rentals and Airbnbs in Le Marais You Must Stay In:

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