How to Spend 3 Days in the Floating City, Venice!


When I went to Europe last summer we spent 2 weeks in Italy but skipped Venice because my travel partner didn't have interest in going.  I always knew I'd go at some point and once I saw that Venice was one of the only places I could easily get to Split (our next stop) from, I was sold.

Going in I read a lot of mixed reviews (it seemed like people either loved it or hated it) so I made sure to go in with an open mind but not expecting too much.  We arrived around midnight and decided to splurge 100 on a private water taxi to our hostel which really set the scene for the rest of the trip I think.  The city was dead since a lot of tourists come in for just the day, the sky was pitch black, and the canals dimly-lit.  It felt as if we were on a Disneyland ride as we cruised along in almost complete silence (snapchatting the entire thing, of course).  At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was definitely one of those "I'll never forget this" moments.

We spent 3 days in Venice which I think was perfect as long as you plan to spend one of those days outside of the main Venice area (we chose Burano).  There isn't much of a nightlife so don't plan on that.  The hostel we stayed at, the Generator, did have a bar and there was always a big group hanging out outside so that might be a good place to stay if you are looking for some fun! The views were also gorgeous.

Some short but sweet recommendations:

  • Spend time in the Cannaregio District in the northeast.  It was our favorite & while we were there (late May) it was much less touristy then the rest of Venice & therefore way more enjoyable!
  • Dine on the canal in Cannaregio at Ristorante Tintoretto - wonderful food with gorgeous views
  • For something quick, grab take-away pizza from Antico Forno
  • Go on a gondola ride, of course! Pro tip: they charge per gondola (up to 6 people) so grab some friends to make the price worth it
  • Walk over Ponte de Chiodo, one of the only bridges without a parapet 
  • Visit the markets near Rialto Bridge
  • Splurge on a water taxi from the airport - it's worth it!
  • Day trip to Burano (more on that HERE!)
  • Stay at the Generator Hostel. It's right on the water (room views are to die for!), everything is easily accessible via water taxi, there's a bar and it's very social so you are sure to meet some friends!

Have you been to Venezia? What did you think?