Unique Gifts for Travelers and Photographers At All Price Ranges + HUGE Giveaway!

Looking for something unique to buy for the traveler and/or photographer in your life?  Look no further!  Here are 8 perfect gifts at all price ranges (plus an exciting giveaway announcement in case you missed it on Instagram):


A Chic Camera Bag from GATTA

You’ve likely heard me rave about this before but I just can’t do a gift post without mentioning GATTA.  I bring mine everywhere and it’s still the only camera bag I’ve ever seen that actually looks good.  GATTA isn't just a pretty face - it's built specifically for cameras with built-in protection so that you never have to pick between keeping your equipment safe and looking good.  The perfect gift for the fashionable photographer in your life!


Cuyana Travel Accessories

Cuyana sells the perfect travel accessories - everything from travel cases to leather pouches and wallets to passport cases.  No matter what your budget is, you can without a doubt find something beautiful in their accessories section.  Some of my favs: the leather travel case set, the classic wallet, the passport case, the zipper cardholder, and this infinity scarf.


A Colorful Lovebirds LA CAMERA STRAP

Escape the black strap madness! No one wants to walk around with a black camera strap advertising the camera company (which also possibly gives away how expensive it is), and when it comes to camera straps these are as cool as they get. Each are limited edition, made from one of a kind fabrics, so you won’t see everyone walking around wearing the same one.  At just $54, they’re also very affordable and great for gifting a photographer or aspiring photographer!


Location-Specific Jewelry

Coordinates Collection is a company focused on the concept of what they call "the wearable memory”.  They sell bracelets, necklaces, and rings which you fully design yourself to fit your (or your gift recipient’s) needs.  Every memory has a place, as they say, making these the perfect keepsake!  I love it because the pricing is extremely flexible since you can choose 14k gold or just plated, making it easy for you to find something that works for you.


A Battery Phone Case

Not the most glam of recommendations, sure, but someone recently recommended the Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case to me and it has been a total lifesaver.  I was just in West Sweden where I was using my phone constantly to record videos for my Instagram story, take photos, edit photos, etc. and never once did it even come close to dying.  In a world where we need to be constantly connected, this is a great practical gift for any traveler.


Clarity Clutches from TRUFFLE

The most stylish way to stay organized while traveling, TRUFFLE sells many things I love and recommend but I could not live without their clarity clutches.  They can store everything from travel documents to makeup and jewelry, and are clear which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for!  They’re also very affordable, starting at just $38.


Artifact Uprising Gift Card

Artifact Uprising makes the most amazing products, most of which are perfect for turning memories into something a little more tangible.  Assuming you don’t have access to the gift recipient’s photos, your best bet here would likely be to purchase a gift card for them. This way you can choose any amount and they can pick out exactly what they want - prints, a photo book, wall art, or something else!


Handwriting Jewelry

One of my favorite possessions is a necklace I had made for my mom, my sister, and I of the word “aloha” in my grandpa’s handwriting.  I love it because no matter where I go in the world, he’s with me.  If you’re interested in a solid gold option that will last forever, this has been on my want list for awhile.  For something on the more affordable side, Mackenzie Treasury offers necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more in plated metals.


Shopping for a coffee lover? Check out this guide to find the best travel coffee maker!


In case you missed it - for months I have been working with some of my favorite brands, including many listed above, on creating the ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY as a way to say thank you to my Instagram followers for helping me (almost) get to 100K. It's officially live now and full of things I personally own and love and know you would too, especially if you like the items above. And it's worth over $600!!  You can enter to win HERE.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.


If you have any wonderful gift recommendations that I missed, please let me know in the comments below!