Wondering Where to Travel Next? This AccorHotels Quiz Will Reveal The Perfect Destination Just For You

If you ever find yourself contemplating where to visit next, I have the perfect solution for you! Le Club AccorHotels’ Seeker Project quiz uses behavioral analytics and webcam enabled heart rate monitoring to get to the heart of your true travel desires. No more guessing what you do or do not need — this will basically read your mind for you!

So often I get questions from friends about where they should travel. They want somewhere sunny and warm, perfect for a romantic honeymoon, or an adventurous snowy escape, but aren’t sure where exactly to go. I too have the same problem — with so many options it can be hard to narrow them down or even figure out what kind of trip I want to take.

That’s why I was so excited to partner with Le Club AccorHotels to spread the word about their Seeker Project quiz. After taking the quiz myself, I discovered that I was yearning for a relaxing vacation in a warm climate. So off I went to the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in sunny San Diego, California. And let me tell ya, the Seeker Project really did what it claims to do!

So if you too are interested in powerful technology using behavior analytics to to anticipate what you want and need in just a few minutes, keep reading.


About Le Club AccorHotels

Le Club AccorHotels is the loyalty program for AccorHotels. In case you aren’t familiar, AccorHotels is the hotel group over many of my favorite brands like the Fairmont, Raffles, Sofitel, onefinestay, and many more.

Le Club membership is completely free and offers exclusive services, special attention during your stay, and much more. You can read more about it here and join the program here!


About the Seeker Project

The Seeker Project was developed to anticipate your needs and true travel desires intuitively. AccorHotels believes that luxury should go beyond excellent service and that the deeper understanding of what you truly desire from this quiz will help them serve you better.

As a Silicon Valley tech nerd, I truly love this creation and have definitely geeked out over the technology behind it. If you are interested in learning more about the behind the scenes info, this video they created is very interesting:


How the Seeker Project Works

The Seeker Project is very intelligent yet as a user the quiz is incredibly simple. Long story short, this is how it works: you are presented with a set of images. For each image you will choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as quickly as possible. You must trust your first instinct and answer immediately or time will run out and you will have to restart that stage.

The quiz has three stages:

  1. Tone — your affinity for adventure or calm

  2. Environment — the place you crave

  3. Company — the types of connections your seek

In total the quiz only takes a few minutes. Note: while you can take the quiz on mobile, I highly recommend doing it on desktop if possible!

Once you are done you will immediately be presented with a set of results, as unique to you as a fingerprint! They will tell you not only what type of trip you need, but also provide you with specific destination recommendations.



My Seeker Project Results

Part of why I was so excited to say yes to this partnership after reviewing my results is because it truly read my mind. I tend to always veer towards a trip full of adventure but after a year of full time travel I have found myself extremely exhausted.

To my surprise, my test results said exactly that — I was in desperate need of relaxation and some warm weather! I’m a bit in denial about the need to slow down so without the quiz I probably would never have come to this conclusion on my own.

“You are driven by a need for relaxation and time to reconnect with the world. You surround yourself with a traditional and classic style. You feel most at home in the serenity of the outdoors where you’re looking to soak up the sun."

One of my destination recommendations was San Diego so down I flew for a few nights at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar. This was perfect for me because of the warm climate, year-round sunshine, and the relaxing nature of the property. The Five-Star spa, numerous pools, tennis courts, and other offerings provided me with everything I needed and more. To say the Seeker Project quiz hit the nail on the head would be stating the obvious.

Dedicated post with more info on my stay at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar coming soon.


I would LOVE for you to take the Seeker Project quiz and then let me know in a comment below what your results here! Were they spot on? Are you planning to visit a destination it recommended?

This project was done in partnership with AccorHotels and Travel Mindset.  All of the above is, as always, my own opinion.


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