How to Find the Canmore Rope Swing near Banff, Canada

Ever since posting this Instagram picture from the Canmore rope swing I've been getting an overwhelming number of DMs asking me for info on how to get here. If you too are looking for directions, look no further! Here's how to get there along with some other tips I think you should know prior to visiting.

The best part about this swing in my opinion is that it is incredibly easy to get to.  Once you arrive at the location, it's just a five minute walk up to the swing. So easy that we actually went multiple times while in Banff!

UPDATE: I have been told that this swing was removed.



To get to the Canmore rope swing, the first thing you want to do is navigate to Ridge Road in Canmore. When you see a playground located near where the red marker is on the map above, park.

Please keep in mind you're on a residential street and be respectful.  I debated posting this at all because I don't want people to overwhelm the local homeowners but I also don't want to keep things secret from people when I am getting a lot of questions about it. Don't let me regret it :)


To the right of the playground you'll find a trail leading you up the hill.  It's a distinct trail - you don't need to scale up the mountain like we almost did thinking that was "the trail". The trail looks like what you see in the above photos.


When you get to the hop of the hill, the trail will give you two options: left or right. Head right. From here you will walk only ~3 more minutes before arriving at the swing!



The trail up the hill is made of loose rocks so it is probably best to wear shoes with some kind of traction. I wore slides that are totally flat and very slick on the bottom and somehow still made it, but it would've been much easier (and quicker) with better shoes.  You certainly don't need to wear hiking gear (again, it's just a quick five minute walk) though.


If possible, bring two friends with you. One to take the photos, of course, and another to push you!


Wear literally any color other than green or you will blend into the background :)


The view to the left is much better than to the right, in my opinion.  The first time we went there was a long (but quick) line and everyone was taking photos shooting to the right so in a rush we did the same.

When we looked at the photos after I kept thinking they didn't look very cool and realized it's because the view to the left is much prettier.  There are more trees and the backdrop is the famous Three Sisters mountains. 

If you plan to take photos, have your photographer stand to the right of the tree and shoot left!


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