Fondue Hiking in Gstaad Switzerland

Just when you think Switzerland can’t possibly get any better, you learn that in the Swiss town of Gstaad you can go on a fondue hike.  A what? I know, I was too was not sure what it exactly was when I saw it on my itinerary with Switzerland Tourism, but it really is exactly as it sounds - a hike where you make (and eat) fondue.

As someone who prefers to be outdoors the majority of the time but also likes to indulge a bit while traveling, there is really nothing better than this.  If you plan to enjoy fondue while in Switzerland, and you should, then why not enjoy it after a brief hike and while overlooking the most beautiful Swiss view?

Photos of me in this post + drone shots by my Switzerland travel buddy Kristen



Gstaad is an upscale resort town in southwestern Switzerland in the canton of Bern.  It’s a popular destination for many, including a handful of famous celebrities like Julie Andrews, Salma Hayek, Valentino, and Elizabeth Taylor.

 While there’s a long list of things to do in Gstaad (more on that soon), the most unique is likely the Fondueland experience.  Here’s everything you need to know about Fondueland Gstaad!



To get the full Fondueland Gstaad experience, you will want to pick up a fondue backpack.  What’s a fondue backpack? It’s an adorably Swiss backpack full of all the necessary fondue ingredients.

In your fondue backpack you will find fondue mix, fondue bread, spices, a fondue pot, warmer, plates and forks.  Unless you somehow already have everything listed, this will be imperative to your fondue hike.

The day before you plan to do your fondue hike, you’ll need to order your fondue backpack.  You can do so through the following dairies:

The backpack doesn’t include wine, so don’t forget to grab that separately when you pick up your backpack!



On your fondue hike you will dine inside a large, wooden seating area shaped like, you guessed it, a fondue pot! Gstaad is home to three large fondue pots, each with room for up to eight people, and one specially designed hut which also fits up to 8.

The pots and hut include:

  1. Schlittmoos fondue pot
  2. Vorderi Wispile fondue pot
  3. Chese Grotto fondue pot
  4. Rellerli fondue hut

We did the Schlittmoos fondue pot hike, which I will cover in detail below.  For more info on the other options and directions to each, visit the Gstaad tourism site here.

Fondueland Gstaad Map:



When we did our fondue hike we hiked to the Schlittmoos fondue pot. It starts from Schlittmoosstrasse where you will park. On foot you’ll see a sign saying "Fondue Caquelon Schlittmoos” pointing in the direction of the hike — that is where you will start.

From there you simply follow the path until eventually you reach the fondue pot. The walk for this one was not long at all.  I can’t remember exactly, especially since we stop often for photos, but I’d estimate about 20-30 minutes.

We went pretty late in the afternoon so that we were there as the sun going down, which was quite spectacular! But really you could go anytime during the day.

Once you arrive, if the cover is on you’ll need to remove that in order to get access to the pot.  Once removed you can all pile in and start preparing your fondue.  When you are finished, don’t forget to collect all your rubbish and leave it as you found it.