Blogposts coming soon! In the meantime...



  • Buda bikes - DO THIS ASAP when you arrive because (1) it'll help you get acquainted with the city & (2) it's awesome & (3) if you don't you'll think Budapest is ugly because it's big & unless you do a tour like this you'll probably only see the ugly parts! We LOVED this
  • Boat tour - we did the hop on hop off boat tour which was great. It took us to Margarit island and we got to get off & explore for as long as we wanted. The island is beautiful & you can sit and drink & just hang out. This was perfect for the morning after SPArty bc we were super hungover !
  • Puli - super cute Hungarian restaurant. I wouldn't go out of your way to go here but if it's convenient definitely go
  • Holocaust Museum - wouldn't recommend this... It was boring & very repetitive 
  • Cafe Csiga - go here for lunch! Super cute & good relatively healthy stuff. Get the forest fruit + mint lemonade
  • SPArty - I literally have no words for this. It's like a Vegas pool party but at night times 10. We made the mistake of not bringing cameras/anything because we didn't know how secure it would be but you get a really secure locker so definitely bring a camera or gopro to document the insanity. It's so much fun
  • Gozsdu Udvar - outdoor market area with lots of cute shops & restaurants 
  • Epic bar - wine bar at Gozsdu Udvar
  • Szimpla Bar - didn't go but got it recommended to me a handful of times.  It's the #1 nightlife recommendation on TripAdvisor so I'm sure it's awesome!

We stayed at Carpe Noctem Vitae which is a party hostel but if you pay for a deluxe room it's actually quite nice.  The non-deluxe rooms are very... not nice. :) The location was good also (it's on the Pest side) - we walked everywhere.