Blogposts coming soon! In the meantime...



  • For coffee & a quick breakfast bite, Atelier September
  • Madklubben Vesterbo for dinner - don't miss this! Grab cocktails beforehand at nearby Lidkoeb
  • If you're looking for something healthy, 42 Raw, a raw food restaurant, was my go-to for a quick bite (breakfast or lunch).  Shop around after as it is located in a great area with tons of cute boutiques
  • For pastries try Meyers Bageri, a chain started by a famous Danish chef.  Go for something danish like the kanelsnurrer (because, you know, when in Rome!)
  • Mad & Kaffe is a MUST for brunch - it's adorable, delicious, and such a fun concept! Walk around the area after as well.
  • Explore Vesterbo.  It was my favorite area
  • Bike everywhere
  • Take touristy pics in Nyhavn, of course