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Where to Travel in 2018 (My Favorite Places of 2017)

2017 was a big year for me travel-wise.  I went to a dozen different countries, countless cities, and along the way I found some new favorite places and revisited (and re-fell in love with) some old.  And while I truly enjoyed almost of all of them, there are 12 that really stand out as places I loved so much I think you should add them to your own bucket list for 2018 (and beyond).

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A Local’s Guide to the Best Healthy Restaurants San Francisco

One of the best things about living in one of America's best food cities is that you have access to every kind of food you could ever imagine.  California also happens to be the state that produces the most food, which luckily means it's pretty easy to get your hands on something fresh, local, organic, healthy, etc. here in the city by the bay if that is your thing.  Here are the best healthy restaurants San Francisco.

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Hawaii Helicopter Tours: 8 Tips Before You Book

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, one thing you should include on your itinerary is a helicopter tour.  Having been to Hawai'i over 50 times, I have seen and done a lot over the years yet helicopter tours continue to sit at the top of my Oahu's Top 10 list.  If you are into photography even at the hobbyist level, there is no better photo opportunity than this!

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