What to Pack for a Hot Weather Trip

I am currently in the process of planning out what to pack for my New Years Eve trip to Tulum, Mexico so I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce a new series I'm working on - packing tips!  Here is my tropical vacay checklist: 

  • Beach Bag - I have this Jcrew one but will likely bring my Banago tote since it's prettier!

  • Towel - my favorite or if you want something less bulky these Le Jacquard Francais ones are amazing. They're on the thinner side and roll up so they're easy to toss in your bag

  • Jewelry - stick to the cheap stuff :)

  • Clutch - I try to bring something bright & colorful when going somewhere sunny

  • Camera bag - Gatta is what I carry!

  • Sunglasses - I have way too many (and always bring too many) but these are my fav + these + these

  • Sunhat - can't go wrong with this Jcrew one

  • Packing cubes - I can't live without these! These laundry bags are helpful too

Anything you bring with you that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.